Implication of Clinical Research

Dr. Radhika Chowdary, Medical Director

KIMS Foundation & Research Center (KFRC) is engaged in translation and dynamic research in the area of clinicopathology, molecular biology, cancer biology, stem cells, medical devices & other related areas. The vision and mission of KFRC is to conduct and implement cutting-edge scientific research technologies and its output in prime medical and non medical conditions that would help medical professionals at KIMS and by en-large to human kind. In order to realize this philosophy, the foundation is relying on the principles of holistic clinical research with respect to human welfare, develop and promote advanced medical care, foster scientific and medical personnel with high quality and ethical standards and contribute to national healthcare and society. KFRC is moving forward to join the multidisciplinary centers to work together and meet required medical needs by improving the quality of research and the personnel. This foundation provides research and academic support for professional development.