Ms. Kavitha Anbarasu presented poster on “Novel disease causing mutations of ATPB7 genes in wilson disease from south Indian populations at Osamina University, February 2017”.

Dr.Sayeeda Presented poster on “Annexin A6 recruits TBC1D15 to regulate Rab7-dependent delivery of late endosomal cholesterol required for cell migration at 8th Garvan Signalling Symposium, Sydney, Australia, 31st Oct – 1st November 2016”.

Dr. Sayeed Awarded Endeavour Fellowship for conducting post doctoral research as a visiting fellow at the University of Sydney.

Best Oral presentation award to Dr. Sayeeda on “ Initial Grade Multi-potent Stem Cells from Human Hair Follicle (HF-MSCs) – an Appealing Source for Future Therapeutic Applications. 6th International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer, Pune, India, 2-5 October 2015”.

Efficacy of PRP in psoriasis patients published in the journal of Dermatologic Therapy 2016; 29: 446-450