Dr. V. Bhujanga Rao, Chairman

Dr. Bhujanga Rao Vepakomma (born in 1951), PhD, DSc, Distinguished Scientist and Former Director General, DRDO and Former ISRO Chair Professor took over as the Chairman, KFRC with effect from October 01, 2021.

Dr. Rao has had a distinguished career in DRDO for over forty years and superannuated in 2015 as Distinguished Scientist & Director General for Naval Systems and Materials. He has stellar accomplishments to his name in acoustic science and engineering and its underwater applications by the Indian Navy. Equally important are his continuing efforts to discharge his social responsibility by using his competence in the area to fill an important unmet need of India, of giving hopes to millions of children who are born deaf. These achievements make him singularly suited for election under this special category.

Dr. Rao is also the Chief Designer of India’s first Cochlear Implant prosthesis undergoing human clinical trials. To date, the bionic ear is the only example of an electronic device that has successfully replaced a human sensory organ, i.e., the ear, of the profoundly deaf. This is a boon to the hearing-impaired community. Dr Bhujanga Rao with his commitment and tenacious efforts made this ground-breaking biomedical development in the country.