The KIMS Foundation and Research Centre (KFRC) were founded in 2010 by Dr. B. Bhaskar Rao, an eminent cardiothoracic surgeon who is the Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of KIMS (Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences) Hospitals, Secunderabad. KFRC laboratories are located in KIMS premises and function as an autonomous research organization not for profit, charitable trust. Based upon its technical infrastructure and academic record, KFRC laboratories have been recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India to conduct research a committee appointed by ICMR supervises the research on stem cells at KFRC. Its main objectives are to support and participate in activities related to research, education and training in different disciplines of Biomedical Sciences. At present KFRC is engaged in projects related to medical genetics, stem cells growth and differentiation, animal models of human diseases, clinical application of cell based therapies.

Research conducted at KFRC is supervised by an eminent advisory board that is chaired by Prof. Kakarla Subbarao (former Director of NIMS, Hyderabad) and Dr. D. Radhika Chowdary.


  • Bring together researchers and clinicians across the spectrum for inter-disciplinary research.
  • Create new biological tools to accelerate research, drug discovery and medical testing while also reducing costs and animal use.
  • Provide a central source of information on latest research through institute’s website.
  • Provide outreach and support to the community and disseminate knowledge gained through research for the betterment of society.
  • Design and develop novel treatments to combat chronic diseases like cardiovascular, cancer, autoimmune disorder etc.